This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass Artim Gallery Baku, Azerbaijan; Qala küçəsi 30 February 19-29 Doors Open: 19:00 YARAT [...]

Something from Nothing

Something from Nothing YAY Gallery Azerbaijan, Baku, Kiçik Qala döngəsi 5February 12 - March 31Doors Open: 19:00 [...]

Who Killed the Giant

Who killed the giant Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art Armenia, Erevan; 1/3 Pavstos Buzand Boulevard February 9-21 Doors [...]

Ordinary Stars

Ordinary Stars Gallery Container Vake, Radiani str.Georgia, Tbilisi February 3 Doors Open: 18:00 Ordinary Stars is [...]

Memory Of Trees

MEMORY OF TREES Komitas Museum-Institute Arshakunyats 28, Yerevan, Armenia January 30 - April 29 Doors open: 10:00 [...]

personal love

personal love Gallery Nectar Agmashenebeli Av. 16; Tbilisi, Georgia January 31-February 13; Doors open:19:00 New Collective female [...]

Put Your Head into Gallery

Put Your Head into Gallery MULTIVERSE ARCHITECTURE Egnate Ninoshvili 8; Tbilisi, Georgia January 28; 20:00 Put Your [...]

Travelling Art Books

Travelling Art Books Gallery Nectar Tbilisi, Georgia, Agmashenebeli Str. 16. January 22-23; 14:00 The Book Art Center [...]

Talk with Aslı Çavuşoğlu

Talk with Çavuşoğlu Exhibition Cafe Akanat Armenia, Yerevan; Koghbaci Str. 28 January 7; 19:00 Aslı Çavuşoğlu is [...]

artist in focus

  • artistic due: sad aris melia; mariam natroshvili, detu jincharadze
  • Project: Homework - Time, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia (text on the banner - Dro - means Time on Georgian)
  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Continue WIthout Saving, 2013, Dresden, Germany. Curated by Anna Bründl and Christian Suchy
  • Photo by Sad Aris Melia, 2016

Artist in Focus: Sad Aris Melia

Sad Aris Melia Mariam Natroshvili b. 1987 Detu Jincharadze b. 1984 Tbilisi, Georgia CAM:Work that portraits you most? Project: Homework - Time, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia (text on the banner - Dro - means Time [...]

open calls

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Call For Law-Budget Cultural Projects

Call For Law-Budget Cultural Projects Caucasian House in Georgia announces a call for encouraging law-budget cultural projects - "Calendar of Culture". Deadline for the application is February 20. For [...]

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Boell Foundation Call for Programme Coordinator

Boell Foundation Call for Programme Coordinator The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Georgia announces call for applications for the position of Programme Coordinator. Deadline for [...]

  • CallsNeutral

Call For Shooting Short Documentary

Call For Shooting Short Documentary Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) is announcing the call for applications for filming a short 15-minute documentary on the topic of labor [...]


  • National Front / postcard / 2004 / Wato Tsereteli

What about artistic expression

What about artistic expression by Koka Vashakidze The topic of art education has never been translated from the format of oral discussions to the visual shapes of the art work. From October 19 to November 20, 2012 Tbilisi welcomed [...]

  • Installation view / detail / 2012 / USE Team | Photo by Lexo Soselia


Use F+F Schule Statement The title of the Tbilisi Triennial – Offside Effect can be evaluated as an attempt to sketch a topology of autonomous art schools for which the concept of an ideal school is a [...]

  • The Pavilion of Distance / installation view / 2012 / Tiong Ang in collaboration with Natalia Calderon, Despoina Demertzi, Ryan de Haan, Zeynep Kayan, Pedro Kok, Alejandro Ramirez, Marina Stavrou, Wang Shihui | Photo by Lexo Soselia

Many different models

Many different models by Koka Vashakidze If one is given the certain space and context for exhibition the idea of being independent from the architecture and content can also exist. So it becomes possible to create a presentational model [...]


  • Logo of CCA-Tbilisi, author: Koka Ramishvili
  • J Morgan Puett within first Tbilisi Triennial, installation view, 2013
  • Old building of CCA-Tbilisi, 2010
  • Photo by Wato Tsereteli, 2015, photo courtesy of the artist

Spaces: Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi

Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi  Founded: 2009 Tbilisi, Georgia CAM: What is the vision of your organization? J Morgan Puett within first Tbilisi Triennial, installation view, 2013, photo: Aleksi Soselia "Center of [...]