Koka Ramishvili - A Woman on a Chair 2007

21 April, Karvasla – Tbilisi History Museum
Find The Woman group exhibition with Ira Kurmaeva, Tinatin Kiguradze, Sophia Cherkezishvili, Lia Bagrationi, Thea Telia, Mariam Natroshvili/Detu Jincharadze, Natia Nakashidze, Iliko Zautashvili, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Koka Ramishvili, Hans Scheib and Studio Flying Painter. As well as Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Theo Khatiashvili
curated by: Magda Guruli
The exhibition “Trouvez la femme/Find the Woman” is a joint project of Tbilisi Fashion Week and Artisterium. The project brings together new works and the works created during the last 10 years, reworked especially for the project. Some of them will be showcased for the first time in Tbilisi.
Used media: drawing, photography, photo-documentation, video, installation, and sculpture.
In the exhibition’s context, the motto/name “Find the Woman” calls for finding a woman everywhere, within one’s self and in the environment, where the attitude toward a woman is contradicting and often quite the opposite of the historical, social, cultural and even religious traditions that society has commonly agreed on.

Iliko Zautashvili - Caucasian Manifesto 2007

Ira Kurmaeva - Her Name is Love 2006

Flying Painter Studio - Rear Window 2017

Lia Bagrationi - Metamorphosis / video still 2016

Find the Woman / 2017

Guram Tsibakhashvili - The Beginning / detail 1996-99

photos by Koka Vashakidze